Friday, 22 October 2010

Some Less Than Astute Judgement Calls.

Well, it seems as if Nick Clegg was caught with his pants down yesterday, doesn't it? (Must be a peculiarly Liberal thing, mentioning no Irish names.)

He and Dave reminded me of how Connie and Josh used to behave when they were little, and had been caught in the act - swaying from side to side, and looking at the floor, while swearing black was white. Or that the IFS* was wrong, in Nick's case. Hardly an astute position to take, I'd have thought.

Talking of astute, Greg and I nearly wet ourselves when we hear that that's the name of the submarine that ran aground this morning. It seems Sam's not the only person who has found Skye to be a strangely hazardous environment. (I probably talked it up, what with mentioning Sam's Scottish SOS - but I'm trying not to feel too bad about that. Guilt-induced hiccups are so exhausting.)

Anyway - back to the point. Given the controversy of recent days, today's surgery isn't too bad - probably because all the appointments had already been booked before the Spending Review.

The phones were busy, though. I kept dropping mine because my hands were so bloody cold. It is no fun being skinny in cold weather, as last night's events proved only too clearly.

When I got home from work, I was freezing cold, and dying for a cup of tea, so I wrapped myself in a blanket and then went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. Bad, bad move. Flames and blankets do not mix. The house still stinks of melted fleece, and so does my hair.

It's a good job The Boss seems to have taken up smoking a pipe again, as otherwise I'm sure he'd have noticed the funny smell. If he was capable of noticing anything other than Vicky's legs, that is.

I'm getting very tired of her being here now - there's hair everywhere from all that pseudo-casual flicking. Probably enough to knit myself a new blanket. It is a time of austerity, after all. Not that that should encourage Monsieur Clegg to be economical with the truth.

*IFS - Institute for Fiscal Studies, much lauded by Nick Clegg for its impartiality and accuracy during the election campaign, but now apparently incompetent.


  1. Any word from Marie-Louise about coming back to work? I really feel for you about Vicky....

  2. She's signed off 'til the end of next week. Anxiety. If she's off much longer than that, the rest of us will be joining her ;-)