Sunday, 23 May 2010

Friends Reunited, Nights of Passion and Genetics

Some excitement at last! Friends Reunited send me an email saying that someone is trying to contact me. I went onto the site before Christmas, but was so depressed by how successful all my classmates had become that I didn't try and contact anyone, in case they thought I was a beggar.

Anyway, it turns out to be someone called Johnny Hunter, who seems to remember that we had a night of passion behind the Science Block after the Fifth Year disco. I send a brief reply in the hope that it won't be too obvious that I can't remember who the hell he is.

I forget to tell Max about it, as he and Sam have been to the pub for a 'quickie' before lunch, and are incapable of intelligent conversation by mid-afternoon. I leave them to their alcohol-induced naps and walk into town for a wander around the shops.

I am going to keep a record of how often Max and I have sex, so I buy a packet of gold stars from Ryman. When I get home, I stick one on the calendar, and put the rest in the kitchen drawer.

Later, Mum phones with an health update. She's getting Ted to tow her around the house on a tea-tray now, as her buttock hurts if she walks. I really hope it's not hereditary.

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