Saturday, 15 May 2010

Another Computing Incompetent Joins the Ranks of Those Who Own Them, but Can't Use Them

Thank God it's the weekend. I really need a lie-in after yesterday's shenanigans, so of course Dad phones first thing.

After he's given me the usual lecture on immigration - I'm sure he thinks I'm the Home Secretary - he gets to the point. He's bought himself a PC on special offer at Comet, and is "planning on becoming a silver surfer." He says that, if Max and I can use a computer, it must be simple.

He phones a further 15 times, demanding to know why he can't send me an email. Each time I have to turn our computer on to try to replicate what it is he says that he is doing. We get nowhere and the whole day is wasted.

At 10.30pm I realise he can't send emails because he hasn't got an ISP. Bloody hell, now I have to try and explain to him what an ISP* is.

*For other computing incompetents like Dad, an ISP is an Internet Service Provider. If you don't have one, it's a bit like trying to use your phone when you haven't signed up with BT or another phone provider, i.e. futile.

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