Sunday, 13 February 2011

Updated Out Of Office - Molly Bennett, Constituency Office of Andrew Sinclair MP.

Thank you for your email addressed to Molly Bennett, Senior Constituency Caseworker to Andrew Sinclair, MP for Northwick East.

Molly remains on leave, and will respond to your email upon her return to the office on Monday 21 February 2011. However, should your enquiry be urgent, please telephone her colleague, Gregory Duke, who will continue to pretend to be happy to help you.

Mr Duke wishes to re-emphasise that being short-staffed is leading to a delay in this office's usual ability to respond swiftly to enquiries, and therefore asks - yet again - that constituents take simple steps to minimise those problems which may lead them to feel that they have no option but to contact their MP.

The list below should hopefully serve as a reminder as to how this might be achieved, and includes some new suggestions:

1. Avoid reading newspapers, particularly The Daily TelegraphThe Daily Mail and The Sun. 
2. Avoid watching Question Time; *PMQsPanorama and Dispatches. 
3. Avoid reading LibDem campaign materials from the General Election 2010, especially those containing the word, "pledge".
4. Avoid unnecessary criminal activity.
5. If you are on prescribed medication, please take it - for once.
6. If you believe that your neighbours are stealing your electricity, please contact your supplier.
7. If you have replaced your vehicle with a horse and cart, remember to feed your horse and do not beat it in public.
8. Do not speed past the scenes of accidents, and keep a close eye out for policemen attending the scene, whether or not they are wearing high-visibility clothing.
9. If you wish to send us details showing how the world can be run using only water, please bear in mind that we already hold a large archive of such plans, none of which have yet been put into production.

*PMQs - Prime Ministers Questions. 


  1. Yeah, better not to watch television and do not read newspapers at all!

  2. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks.

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