Thursday, 23 December 2010

OUT OF OFFICE REPLY - Molly Bennett, Office of Andrew Sinclair MP.

Thank you for your email addressed to Mr Sinclair.

The Constituency Office is now closed for the Christmas period, and will re-open at 09:00am on Tuesday 4 January 2011.

I will, of course, reply to your enquiry as soon as possible upon my return to work.

Molly Bennett, Senior Caseworker to Andrew Sinclair, MP for Northwick East.

What I don't tell you is that Greg and I will be taking it in turns to come in to the office during the week between Christmas and New Year, to check emails, post and answer-phone messages. This is a precaution, just in case any of you have genuine - as opposed to entirely imaginary - emergencies. (Not that there will be very much that we can do for you even if that is the case, given that the staff of every other agency we might need to deal with on your behalf are unlikely to return to work before they absolutely have to...)

Note that I also don't wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, in case I offend your religious principles. (Though I do hope you have both those things. Even if you don't call them that.)

PPPS I also don't mention that Connie and Josh have banned me from using my laptop over Christmas on the basis that we need to concentrate on bonding as a family. Connie says that she and Josh think it likely that, if we don't make more effort, Max and I will end up splitting up, in what she calls a classic "children leaving the nest" scenario.


  1. Molly, I hope you have a great family bonding experience over Christmas. Thank you for all your great postings in 2010 and look forward to the daily read next year.
    Merry Christmas and wishing you a successful New Year in all your endeavours ;)

  2. Thanks very much, and happy Christmas to you, too! Back in the New Year - unless I get so bored over Christmas that I return, moaning, before then ;-)

  3. Hope you are enjoying your family time Molly, looking forward to an update!

  4. Thank you! I am back tomorrow - will probably be a shock to the system ;-)

  5. Well - I bet I'm not the only one who has really missed you. With Tory Bear gone and Iain Dale practically giving up - well it's been a very quiet time! Looking forward to your news.

  6. They've probably given up because blogging is incompatible with having a life ;-) Not an issue I have to contend with...but I am back later today and am glad someone has missed me!