Molly works for Andrew Sinclair, a fictional Labour backbench MP. She is married to Max, and mother to Connie and Josh. Molly's mother; father; sister Dinah, and colleague Greg are regularly featured, together with Max's best friend Sam, and the Bennett's neighbour, Annoying Ellen. There are also guest appearances by Johnny Hunter, International Director of a Global Oil Company; various constituents, and even some major political figures. Needless to say, any similarities to any individuals, whether living or dead, are entirely coincidental. Beyond this, Molly could not possibly comment.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Happy New Year, Rather Belatedly

And thanks to one and all for your good wishes and enquiries about the state of my sex-life, sanity and/or health. I am still alive - or, at least, I think I am. It's hard to be sure judging by what I look like in the mirror. Anyway, I shall be back, either in this or another format, very soon, I hope. It's just a question of deciding where on earth to begin...


  1. Well thank f... for that. I've been imagining all sorts of scenarios. Last time we heard, Josh was gravely ill and you were joining that bloke in Dubai. I didn't like to make frivolous comments in case Josh and/or marriage were terminal.
    I suppose we're going to have to wait another three months to find out the next installment....

  2. ....... at the beginning. There must be so much to catch up with.

  3. Hell ma'am ... how are you? and things? x

  4. Just pleased you're still around. Beginning would be good..x

  5. Did you slip out from the nunnery to make this post? If so I hope the Mother Superior hasn't got a lap top.

  6. teresa pearce18 June 2012 17:41

    I miss your blog