Thursday, 17 June 2010

Not An Ideal Outcome

I have a very bad hangover from the bottle of gin Greg and I drank when we got back here last night after our narrow escape from the dog in Mr Beales' garden, so have decided I am taking a day's leave.

At lunchtime, I get an email from Greg who says,

"The carpenter is here, working away on the security improvements. He tells me that he hasn't bothered to fit bullet-proof glass to the new door he has installed. The consequence for me, if anyone needs reminding, will simply be this."

I open the attachment to find it's a video clip of JFK's assassination.


  1. It's definitely time for you to befriend the local criminal element. They're big on protection! BG

  2. Suspect I already deal with some of them daily, but as to whether they're friends......However, Josh may eventually be able to help there, I guess.